Nicole X - Virtual Video Artist

NicoleX Moonwall is an established film maker in the machinima genre, with a unique style and vision that has gained her increasing attention.

Her eye seeks the unusual and unique, and her technique is pure.. never retouching a photo, waiting until the right moment for the shot.. like a hunter after her prey.

Her machinima films takes her hunting to a higher dimension. Nothing is shot in a studio. Using long one shot, sweeping takes in her films, she captures the beauty of virtual world life, using custom technology to create art.

With over 1500 films on Youtube, Vimeo and Aview TV, she has entered the Sundance Film Festival for the past three years, with her entry for 2011, "the Passing of..", making the cut. She has participated in several international film shows, including The European Film Festival, the Cleveland Film Festival, the Philadelphia Film Festival, and Cannes Film Festival. View Nicole X Festival Entries here!

"Bridges", a film about communication, coming together from many backgrounds to work on common problems, and the potential internet virtual worlds has to provide an international forum for environmental issues. It was entered in a variety of events, most especially the International World Expo in Shanghai, where it was on exhibit for the duration of the fair, which lasted six months, with an attendence of over 70 million.

She has adapted the Japanese calligraphical 'ShoDo' style, utilizing long, flowing sweeps to record color and movement in her highly unique style.  NicoleX uses the computer as her brush to hypnotize the viewer with color, movement and music.  Every frame is a masterpiece 

NicoleX is rated as one of the best in the world for her type of delivery and presentation of machinima. Her goal is to support virtual art and artists throughout the world -  to promote art made in virtual worlds.  This form of art is available to the mainstream, but the mainstream doesn't realize it yet.  We want to draw attention to the potential and the beauty that exists for all.

Her newest venture is a web series found here called "Nicole X.. The Adventures of..." Check back here (and join her Twitter Followers) for regular installments and announcements about her newest releases!

Her films also include a "series" based on her adventures while based at the "Gumbo" bar. The first hour pilot show is called "Blenders" and introduces the story of the common man's survival against the insidious Blenders.  The drama unfolds in a Louisiana bar called Gumbo.  NicoleX's world isn't like yours...! Beautiful electronic abstract art forms the backdrop of our story, with music (with permission) by Adina Spire, composer of sacred and contemporary cinematic orchestral pieces. She and her Bedzin Ensemble are based in Russia.

With "Gumbo" as one series theme, along with the new "adventures" web series, we will be making films, using this website to host our weekly web series, and showcasing artists and art created within virtual worlds. We will also showcase Nicole X entries - past and future - in film festivals. We hope to align with galleries and other real world venues that want to exhibit Nicole X films and photos. We will develop  all of these avenues to present virtual art up close and personally.

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